Media briefing notes from Haut de la Garenne


Work continues at Haut de la Garenne today.

 The enquiry team received information from a member of the public that sometime in the late seventies or eighties, before the home closed, he was called to the location by Care Staff and asked by one of them to dig two pits.  He did so at the rear of the building. 

When he asked what the pits were for he was told it was none of his concern.  He returned the next day and was told by the Carers to fill in the pits.  He did so.  According to the witness this has played on his mind for some years and led to him coming to the States of Jersey Police and pointing out where he created the holes.  Last week the enquiry team excavated the first pit and found it to be about 1.5 metres deep. 

At the bottom of the pit was a large quantity of lime.  There was nothing else in the hole.  The enquiry team can think of no reason why this pit would have been created nor why it was filled with lime.  We would emphasise that we have no evidence of any motive.  We are currently excavating the second pit which is very close to what was the boys' dormitory. 

The enquiry team would ask that anyone, resident or staff member, who has any information whats"ver on these two pits contacts us as soon as possible.

The forensic examination of the third and fourth rooms of the cellars continues.  A number of finds have been made and are being studied.  Again, for evidential reasons we do not want to detail these but they have the potential to further corroborate the versions of events given to us by victims who have come forward.  It is expected that this work will continue into next week. 



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