Important information about skull fragment


On 25th March we revealed that initial tests on the skull fragment found early on at Haut De La Garenne were inconclusive and that further more sensitive tests were to be carried out.  These further tests have failed to date the fragment. 

The protein ˜Collagen' had been completely destroyed in the bone.  Archaeologists state that the bone could not have been found in a much less favourable environment as there was a large amount of lime present.  They do say however, that from a study of the materials in the location where the find was made, the bone was placed at that location no earlier than the 1920's “ some seventy years after the home opened as an Industrial School for Boys.  It could well have found its way there more recently than that, but no earlier.  This leaves us with no knowledge of how, when, or indeed, where, the person died.  All we can say is that the bone was placed where we found it in the 1920's or more recently.

Other bone fragments recovered are still being examined to determine their origin.  These include a number of small charred pieces of bone which will be forwarded for examination to the UK when a final identification has been made of all other bone fragments collected from the scene.

Away from Haut De La Garenne, the enquiry team continue to collate evidence and to sift through the massive amount of information from the public.  Further useful information was received following the recent ˜Panorama' programme and this is being actively followed up at this time.  As soon as we are satisfied that all the relevant evidence has been collated in respect of certain suspects, then the process of arresting them will commence.

The slow, methodical forensic process continues in the cellar area.  Two teams of forensic examiners are working in parallel, each examining one of the remaining rooms.  Further samples have been taken from the bath and are being sent to the UK for examination.


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