Christmas drink drive campaign launched


ISLANDERS who choose to drink and drive are being warned that if they do, they are likely to be caught this Christmas.

Last year, 12 people were charged with drink driving following the Christmas drink drive campaign conducted by States of Jersey Police and the Honorary Police during which over 9,000 cars were stop checked by officers.

Officers from both States of Jersey Police and the Honorary Police will again be working together conduct road checks throughout December. More people are out celebrating and we aim to combat the increased likelihood of people drinking and driving by having road checks every day and at all times of day.

Insp Andy Cousins, who is leading the campaign on behalf of States of Jersey Police, said: ˜We're sure that the majority of motorists in Jersey accept that it is wrong to drink and drive and would never do it, but sadly, there are others who are willing to run the risk of injuring themselves or others. Drink driving is a serious matter, the results of which can be catastrophic. We run these campaigns, not to arrest as many people as possible but to save lives.

˜There are still people who get in their cars having had a drink without thinking of the consequences. We need to get this message across to these people and also to young drivers who may be driving for the first time over the Christmas period. The message is simple: if you are going to have a drink this Christmas, don't drive. Find another way to get safely home and if you can't stop someone else from drink driving, call us and we will.'

The President of the Honorary Police, Vingtenier Mitch Couriard said: ˜We echo the words of Insp. Cousins and are going to be out and about. The duty Centeniers do not wish to spoil anyone's Christmas by charging them, so we urge you: don't drink and drive and become one of this year's statistics. Please think before you go out and have a drink that you have arranged a way to get home with out driving.'

 This year, Ann Street Brewery and Randall's Pubs will be offering free soft drinks to the nominated driver of any group. Also, Crimestoppers have worked with Jersey Brewery to produce 5,000 beer mats with the Crimestoppers logo and number on and which will be used throughout December.

Commenting on the initiative, Crimestoppers chairman Steven Hunt said: ˜By having the number close by, it is hoped that if members of the public do see someone who they suspect may be a drink driver, they will be encouraged to give the information to Crimestoppers by calling 0800 555 111 anonymously.' Callers can also call the Police on 612612.

 Media information:

 Insp Andy Cousins is available for interview after 11.30 am on Thursday 29 November. Please call the press officer on 612109 or email: to arrange a time.

 Vingtenier Mitch Couriard is also available to speak to the media. Please call: 07797730544



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