Promotion to Superintedent for local officer


Chief Inspector Shaun Du Val has been promoted to the rank of Superintendent with immediate effect.

Mr Du Val will now work with Supt John Pearson, who leaves the States of Jersey Police in August this year as part of a handover process. Once Supt Pearson leaves, Supt Du Val will be head of Operations, overseeing all operations within the Force.

He was selected from four local applicants for the post who were assessed by a panel chaired by the Minister for Home Affairs, and observed by the appointments commission.

The Superintendent Head of Operations post is third in command of the Force and is considered the equivalent rôle to that of an Assistant Chief Constable in a UK Police Force.

The rôle consists of being the strategic lead of all operational resources, the chair of the strategic tasking and co-ordinating group, gold commander for major incidents and events and the force lead member of the island's Community Safety Partnership along with many other responsibilities.  The post-holder is also a member of the South West ACC (Operations) Conference which is held quarterly.

Mr Du Val (46) was promoted to the rank of Chief Inspector in February 2006 since when he has been commended by the Chief Officer on two occasions for management of the World Cup policing, and for heading a sensitive long-term enquiry.

Shaun Du Val joined the States of Jersey Police on 17th December 1979, after completing his education at Highlands College. He was previously educated at Victoria College and De La Salle College locally, as well as schools in Australia, Libya, Iran and the United Kingdom, during extensive travel in his childhood.

As a constable, he initially performed uniformed duties, followed by attachments to the Drugs Squad, Traffic Section, Research and Development and Special Branch.

Promoted to Sergeant in 1991, Mr Du Val spent time in the Licensing Unit followed by another period in the Drugs Squad. Promoted to Inspector in 1996, Mr Du Val spent time in uniform before being seconded to a team carrying out a full organizational review of the Force. From 1998 he was a Detective Inspector in CID before transferring to the Professional Standards Department in 2004.

In 1982, Mr Du Val was commended by the Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police in relation to the arrest in Jersey of two men wanted for armed robbery in London. He has also, during his service, received several letters of commendation from the Magistrate and the Crown Officers in respect of various investigations and has been commended by the Chief Officer in recognition of his dedication and professionalism as the Senior Investigating Officer following the murder of Cherylin Mullane.

 In 2002 he was awarded his Police Long Service and Good Conduct medal in recognition of 22 years' service.

Mr Du Val said: ˜I am delighted with my promotion and look forward to continuing to work with the excellent senior management team within the Force in facing the many challenges and opportunities facing the States of Jersey Police in the future.'

Chief Officer Graham Power said: ˜While John Pearson's retirement will be a great loss to the Force, I am delighted that Shaun will be joining the senior management team.   He has performed outstandingly in his current role and I am sure that he will continue to make a major contribution to the policing of the island.'

Home Affairs minister  Wendy Kinnard added: ˜Shaun brings a wealth of local experience to the senior management of the Force, and I am delighted that we have been able to fill the vacancy arising from John Pearson's retirement by the appointment of a well qualified local officer.'


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