Your Child, Your Responsibility: parental reminder

PARENTS are being reminded about their responsibilities in a new leaflet designed and distributed to local schools by States of Jersey Police.

The leaflet, which contains advice to parents about their responsibilities and a list of useful phone numbers, is the latest development in the ˜Your Child, Your Responsibility' campaign which was launched last October by States of Jersey Police in conjunction with the Honorary Police and other agencies to remind parents to check where their children are.

The leaflet was delivered to Jersey's secondary schools earlier this week and a Portuguese language version is currently in production.

Insp Mary Le Hegarat, the head of the Force's community safety branch said: ˜Traditionally, the school holidays are times when we get an increase in calls from the public regarding things like bad behaviour and young people being drunk. Although the calls only apply to a minority of youths the, anti-social behaviour of some young people is a problem the Police constantly have to deal with.

˜We are urging parents to support us, and our colleagues in the Honorary Police who also receive calls about youth behaviour. We would ask them to check where their children are. In this way they can make sure that their children are where they thought they were, rather than in a situation which might make them vulnerable.

˜It is about striking a balance. We don't want to put a dampener on the school holidays, and there is nothing wrong with large groups of teenagers enjoying themselves. However, behaviour which is intimidating or impacts on other people's quality of life is unacceptable, and is something that won't be tolerated. We want to work with parents to ensure that their children are safe this summer, and we hope our leaflet sets out their responsibilities clearly.

˜We would remind parents that the Police now have the powers to seize alcohol from someone aged under 18 who is in a public place, and that it is against the law to try to purchase alcohol if you are under 18 years old.'

˜Since the ˜Your Child, Your Responsibility' campaign began last year, we have generated hundreds of letters to parents which are sent out when their child, for whatever reason, comes to our attention. From now on, the leaflet will be sent out with those letters which are sent to parents.

 ˜Since last October, over 600 letters have gone out to parents and guardians. The issues these cover are wide ranging. Almost half relate to anti-social behaviour. Letters have also been sent regarding a wide range of matters including young people in possession of alcohol, being under the influence of drink or drugs and truanting from school.'



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