SoJP respond to current UK threat level

In response to the current threat level throughout the British Isles, the States of Jersey Police will continue to provide additional patrols at the airport and other key locations.   Some of these patrols will be undertaken by members of the force's armed response team. 

We are in regular contact with the relevant UK security authorities through secure channels and will continue to review the situation, and will act on advice received from the UK.

Although Jersey is not part of the UK, we are a designated port of entry for the UK, and therefore expected to comply with UK border security standards.

There are now a number of security measures in place, which include periodic armed patrols at Jersey Airport, in response to the change to the current threat level, which is critical. We will continue to respond to any change in threat levels. Although there is no specific threat to Jersey, there is a general threat to the UK and to British Interests and air travel.   

The current "Critical threat level means that a further attack could happen soon and without notice.   We have responded to the changing situation by implementing additional measures to protect and reassure the public in accordance with service guidelines and existing contingency plans.  

Where relevant we have consulted with the airport management who are also taking additional measures. The senior management team at States of Jersey Police are monitoring the situation 24/7 and reviewing requirements on a regular basis. Operations will be adjusted as more information becomes available.  

Graham Power
Chief Officer
States of Jersey Police


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