New Sergeants for States of Jersey Police

States of Jersey Police has eight new Sergeants. They have successfully passed an exam and an assessment centre process to move to the rank within the Force. Seven of the new Sergeants now work on the uniformed shifts, while one is a Sergeant within the Firearms department.

The eight officers, six men and two women, originally joined the States of Jersey Police from all walks of life and between them have worked in many different departments within the Force and have a combined total of 86 years of Police service both to States of Jersey Police and other Forces between them.

Some of the new Sergeants had other careers before joining the Police including working as a qualified civil engineer, and working as a swimming instructor. Three  of the Sergeants worked in other Forces before joining States of Jersey Police.

Until recently, the Force had a shortage of Sergeants, and the new appointments have been welcomed by Chief Officer Graham Power.

˜The rank of Sergeant is an important one for the Force,' said Mr Power.

˜To achieve it successfully the candidates have to demonstrate leadership ability, and the ability to communicate with colleagues and to make important decisions. They have to be capable of performing practical tasks and prioritising the workload of their team, and balancing resources. We wish them every success in their new roles.'


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