Help us crack summer crime, say Police

States of Jersey Police are asking Islanders to help them crack down on break ins by locking doors and windows and reminding them not to let a burglar leave their footprint on their property this summer.

The Force has had a new leaflet designed which includes safety tips for householders to follow so they can be sure that when they leave home, an opportunist thief won't be able to take a chance and steal precious possessions.

The double sided leaflet also features useful contact numbers, and will be given out tomorrow in town along with security packs by the Force's crime reduction unit.

˜Thieves can be given easy opportunities when windows and doors are left open, particularly in summer because of warmer weather, and valuable items can be stolen in a very short space of time,' said crime reduction officer Bruce Liron, of the Force's community safety branch.

Det con Liron will be in town on Thursday morning spreading the message about summer safety. The States of Jersey Police mobile unit will be parked near Boots in Queen Street, between 11 am and 2 pm on Thursday and the public are invited to take home the new summer safety advice leaflets and security packs, which can be used to mark valuable items.

˜Many people in Jersey continue to be lax about the security of their property, homes and vehicles, and we hope that our campaign will make them think about locking up before they leave the house,' said Det con Liron.

˜In nearly 80 per cent of domestic burglaries in 2006, the burglars didn't have to physically break in. Crime is hard to reduce “ and harder to detect “ when it can be committed so easily. In the first six months of 2007, 216 burglaries were recorded in Jersey.

˜We have to keep repeating the message: remember to lock all doors and windows before you go out, even if it is for a very short time. It is distressing for people to have valuable or sentimental things stolen just because a burglar had an easy opportunity put before them.

˜We are also asking people to be vigilant. If you do see something suspicious in your area, please don't be afraid to come forward and report it to the Police, or via Crimestoppers. Your community officer is also a good link as they get to know neighbourhoods well.'

The tips on the new double sided summer leaflet include:

 Always lock your windows and doors, garages and outbuildings

 If you are going on holiday, make sure newspapers and mail don't pile up as this can be an obvious sign that a house is unoccupied

 Do not leave spare keys for your home or car ˜hidden' in places like an unlocked garage, or under a doormat

 Don't leave valuables on display

 Ask a neighbour or friend to keep an eye on your property while you are away

 Keep details of valuable items such as televisions and mobile phones recorded and kept somewhere safe and secure

 Look out for other people in your area; if you see something suspicious, call the Police

 Use a good lock to secure your bike and never leave it unlocked and unattended.

 Always lock cars, even if they are parked in a closed garage. Never leave ignition keys in the car or nearby.

Media opportunity:
Det con Bruce Liron will be available for interview by Boots in Queen Street on Thursday 26 July between 11am and 2 pm.



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