Q safe launch could mean safer St Helier

Embarg"d until 12pm Friday 7th December

Safer St Helier in partnership with the Jersey Taxi Drivers Association announce the launch of ˜Q-safe' an intiative aimed at reducing levels of crime and disorder, and increasing the feeling of safety, for people enjoying St Helier's evening economy and those travelling by taxi late at night.

Security company “ Wheelstop “ have been contracted to supply two green-badge trained taxi marshals in St Helier. These will operate at the Weighbridge taxi rank  on a Friday and Saturday night between the hours of 11 pm “ 4 am from 7th December to 31st December. The trial is being funded partly by monies raised through Safer St Helier and partly by the Building a Safer Society Strategy.

The Marshals supervise the e late night taxi queues at the Weighbridge, ensuring that queues are orderly and that queue-jumping and associated disorder are minimised. In turn it is hoped that this will make residents and visitors feel safer by preventing associated anti-social behaviour.

Constable Simon Crowcroft, Chair of Safer St Helier said, "This will give improved security at times when the Weighbridge taxi rank is very busy and should result in a better overall service to the public."

Ian Rogan, co-ordinator of the Safer St Helier initiative said: "This is a great example of a partnership initiative that will contribute toward making the Town an even safer place to live & spend their leisure time.. The Safer St Helier Community Group is committed to ensuring that St Helier continues to be a safe environment for those working, living and relaxing in. Over the coming months it is hoped that a  number of new best practice initiatives will be rolled out across the Parish which I am confident will contribute to a Safer St Helier."

Dicky Warren, Chair of the Jersey Taxi Drivers Association said "The JTDA are extremely pleased to be working with the Safer St Helier group on this initiative. Q-safe will ensure that people are treated fairly, with no queue jumping or pushing in. The JTDA will be providing direct communication for the marshals so that they can feedback to the public approximate waiting times and tell the drivers of anyone who is unfit to travel, causing a nuisance or creating a disturbance. Anyone acting in such a manner will not be allowed in a taxi. I have no doubt that Q-safe will not only have a positive impact on people's experience of the Weighbridge taxi rank but it will also improve taxi drivers' safety."

This is a trial until the end of December in order to gauge the effectiveness of such interventions. If proved successful it may be rolled out to other ranks around Town.



Safer St Helier is chaired by Constable Crowcroft

The Safer St Helier Community Group consists of members of the public including representatives of the hospitality industry, transport providers and residents who are committed to improving people's quality of life in St Helier.

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