Media information on Christmas drink-drive campaign


Response to JEP on Christmas drink drive campaign:

'Both the States of Jersey Police and their Honorary colleagues have been and will be conducting road checks as part of the Christmas drink drive campaign over the next month. Checks will be carried out randomly all over the Island to maximise their deterrent effect.

˜This will include morning road checks, such as the one at West Park this morning. The purpose of such checks is identify defective vehicles and to establish if any drivers are still over the drink drive limit from the night before. It is also to educate motorists to the dangers of driving the morning after consuming alcohol. Members of the public should be aware that arrests have already been made as a result of these morning checks because drivers were still over the limit from the night before.

˜Yesterday morning for example (Mon 3 Dec) one person was arrested for being over the drink drive limit. We would therefore urge everyone not to take the risk of drink driving in the morning if they have been drinking the night before.

'Road safety is of paramount importance to the States of Jersey Police. Drink driving whether in the evening or the morning costs lives and whilst it may be frustrating for motorists to be delayed while road checks are carried out, we ask for their co-operation while we try and make our roads safer.

˜As always we are grateful to the Honorary Police for their assistance. Anyone with information about drink drivers can report it to the Police on 612612 or to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.'


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