M&S Phone Scam

Officers have recently been made aware of a new phone scam in the Island and they would like the public to be on their guard.

The scam involves a fraudster making phone calls posing as a representative from M&S, trying to persuade the victim to part with personal information.

The scammer rings a landline number asking the victim for their name and postcode and then offers them the chance of a cash prize give away in return.

This is a scam and a form of attempted identity theft.

Identity theft is when personal details are stolen and later used to commit fraud.

Unless you are completely sure of whom you are speaking to, never give away any personal information over the phone.

In answer to the alleged Marks and Spencer telephone scam, M&S Jersey’s Managing Director Stephen Forrester said:

“Marks and Spencer Jersey are not involved with any local cash prize competition. We are not involved with any type of telephone marketing campaign, and we would never ask members of the public for their personal details over the telephone.

“I am grateful to the States of Jersey Police for bringing this matter to our attention and urge anyone receiving a call from someone claiming they're from M&S to politely hang up and contact the police.”

The States of Jersey Police are urging members of the public to inform their friends and relatives about this phone scam.

Anyone who has received phone calls of this nature should report the incident to Action Fraud or the Police on 612612.

Further advice on being alert to scams is available via the States of Jersey Police website:


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