Jersey Insight Animal Scam

We have recently noticed a high number of adverts that have been placed on Jersey Insight selling unusual and expensive animals such as parrots, bulldogs and monkeys.

We believe these adverts to be a scam which would involve persons sending the monies but the animals never turning up.
We would like to warn the public to be careful when considering buying animals on-line from classified ads and always look for obvious suspect information such as:

- The animals being too cheap
- The animals not being based in the Island

Always do thorough research before buying any animal online. Check out the company and contact information and arrange to view the animal before handing over any money. Always be wary of super-bargains - if the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

If you have any concerns about local online adverts involving animals or believe you have been scammed, please call the Police on 612612


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