Speed limits and speeding

By driving at just 5mph over the 30mph speed limit it takes you an extra 21 feet to stop.

The top speed limit in Jersey is 40mph, but much lower limits are also in place around the Island, particularly in built-up areas. There are many 'part-time' 20mph zones around schools, and our green lanes have just a 15mph speed limit.

Driving conditions and inappropriate speed

You don't need to be exceeding the speed limit to be driving at an inappropriate speed.  You should always take into account other conditions and reduce your speed accordingly. For example, pay attention to:

  • the weather - roads may be wet or slippery
  • visibility
  • pedestrians
  • other traffic on the road

How and where is speed checked?

We use manual speed detection equipment to measure speed, and we often target areas that are known to have a high record of crashes caused by speed. However, we do monitor other areas, particularly if we get complaints about people speeding.

We also place speed indicator devices, which are portable signs, around the Island. When a motorist approaches the device, it displays the speed the vehicle is travelling at. It will usually show a sad face if the vehicle is travelling above the speed limit, and a happy face if the vehicle is within the speed limit. They are designed to help motorists keep within the speed limit.

If you're caught speeding

If you're caught speeding, you'll have to attend either a parish hall enquiry or attend the Magistrate’s Court - it depends how far over the speed limit you were caught driving. 

If you're then found guilty of speeding, you'll receive a fine. The level of the fine will usually depend on how much over the limit you were going. You could also have your driving licence endorsed with penalty points, or you could be banned from driving.

'About parish hall enquiries' on Jersey Courts website
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