Mobile phones

We can often spot people from a distance who are driving whilst using their mobile phones.

Mobile Driving

They are travelling noticeably slower than everyone else, they weave from side to side and get uncomfortably close to the vehicle in front - all because the driver is engrossed in a conversation.

When your phone rings, there is enormous temptation to answer it, but this where the self-discipline that marks the better drivers out from the rest shows through.

Safe use of a mobile phone 

Hands-free kits are ever more popular and go a long way to minimising the clear danger of using a mobile whilst driving. Even so, you simply have to keep your mind on the road, rather than the conversation. You will need to pause briefly when you negotiate a hazardous situation like a junction. This is much better than a long pause resulting from your crash.
Our officers have seen people texting and driving at the same time. Even if you are in slow moving traffic, pull over and stop the car before sending a text. 

Not just dangerous 

Not only is driving whilst using a mobile phone a dangerous activity - one of the 'Fatal Four' that causes death and serious injuries on the roads - it's also one whereby you could receive points on your licence and a fine.


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