Advice about electric scooters, hover boards and skateboards

Devices such as electric hover-boards, skateboards and scooters may be classed as motor vehicles and in such circumstances, if you are riding one of these carelessly or dangerously on a road or public place, you would be liable to prosecution.

The law states that a person shall not drive a motor vehicle on a road unless he is the holder of a licence. In the circumstances, so long as the device amounts to a motor vehicle, it cannot be used/driven on a road without insurance or a licence. These vehicles cannot be registered in Jersey, and therefore you are unable to get a licence or insurance for them. 

As regards the general use of such devices on pavements or cycle tracks, Article 40 of the Road Traffic (Jersey) Law 1956 states that, subject to a number of exceptions, a person is liable to a fine if he/she drives a vehicle on any footway. This is supported by the Cycle Tracks (Jersey) Order 2000 which provides that only pedal cycles and pedestrians – on certain tracks – are allowed on cycle tracks.

So in short, if you have one of these or are planning to buy one of these, your usage could be severley limited unless you plan to use them on private property. Riders could be at risk of prosecution for a range of offences. 

Although these are clearly enjoyable to use and in principle we have no desire to put a stop to anyone's fun, we do wish to draw attention to the fact that riding them on public roads, pavements and cycle paths is currently illegal.

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