Road safety

Jersey has about 750 kilometres of roads, many of which are narrow and intersected by junctions.

These conditions demand care and attention - but carelessness is one of the biggest causes of road traffic collisions in the Island.

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Four of the driving behaviours which contribute to the number of serious injuries on our roads are: speeding, drink driving, not wearing a seatbelt and using a mobile phone.

The States of Jersey Police play an important role in maintaining a safe driving environment by:

  • working with the honorary police to monitor and enforce compliance with the Island’s road traffic legislation
  • supporting roadside checks on the roadworthiness of vehicles and making sure that drivers are properly qualified and insured
  • providing road traffic engineers with details of the road traffic collisions we record to help improve road and junction layouts and facilities
  • working with partners such as the Road Safety Panel and Prison Me No Way to deliver road safety education programmes

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