Protecting your business

Are you doing as much as you can to protect your business from crime?

Business crime isn't always planned - in fact, crimes against businesses often happen when someone sees an opportunity.

Look at your business through the eyes of a criminal:

  • how easy would it be for someone to break into your premises?
  • could someone walk into your office/s and steal property? 
  • are your employees vulnerable?
  • are your vehicles and outbuildings safe?
  • do you have procedures in place to stop fraud or theft by your employees?

Think about these risks and consider putting extra security in place where necessary.

By taking even simple steps to protect your business, you can help to avoid becoming a victim of business crime.

Designing out crime - advice for planning premises

 Download business crime reduction booklet for local businesses (size 6.4 mb) 
 Download Jersey Shopwatch loss prevention information (size 265 kb)
 Download British Standards summary (size 251 kb)  
 Download retail burglary (317 kb) 
 Download commercial alarms information (1 mb)
 Download SOJP Security systems policy 2008 (254 kb) 

CCTV operational requirements

You can download a non-technical guide from the Home Office website for people wishing to buy a CCTV system that is fit for purpose. The manual also covers recorded image quality and data archiving issues that are essential parts of any digital CCTV system.

CCTV operational requirements manual on Home Office website


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Accessing information

In this section are details on how to obtain criminal record checks, firearms certificates as well as other information.


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