Cyber crime

Cyber crime is a local, national and international threat but you can take simple precautions to stop yourself or your business falling victim.

Cyber Crime

Generally, smaller companies and private individuals are unprepared for cyber-attacks. This is especially noticeable with any small community where the issue becomes apparent.

The UK is facing an on-going, persistent threat of cyber-attack from other states and criminal organisations operating in cyberspace.
Cyberspace lies at the heart of modern society; it impacts our personal lives, our businesses and our essential services.
"Cyberspace" is the term used to describe the electronic medium of digital networks used to store, modify and communicate information. It includes the Internet but also other information systems that support businesses, infrastructure and services, such as the systems which run utility sites and financial institutions.
Cyber security embraces both the public and the private sector and spans a broad range of issues related to national security, whether through terrorism, crime or industrial espionage.
Organised crime
Businesses are constantly being targeted and exploited by professional criminals.
The potential loss from fraud and money-laundering runs into billions of pounds each year nationally.
The one threat which is common to nearly all significant groups of organised criminals is money-laundering.
The States of Jersey Police are always available to register and investigate any of your complaints if you have lost money through cybercrime.
The following documents give national security advice provided  by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure. These documents specify actions an organisation can take to help improve its defences.



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