Are you Cyber Safe?

Are you confident that you are safe in your use of cyber enabled technology?

Below are some helpful tips and hints that should help you stay safe

  1. Don’t reply to emails from unknown senders
    If you don’t know who sent the email delete it, by opening an email from an unknown sender you are exposing yourself possible risks.

  2. Don’t respond to any email asking for personal information 
    Never give any personal information out over an email even if you think you know who sent the email, it may be a false email. Pick up the phone and check it’s genuine.

  3. If it looks to be good to be true, it probably is
    Ignore all emails/letters that offer free prizes or entry into prize draws, be suspicious of anything that claims you have won a prize, remember you can’t win if you didn’t enter.

  4. Never give out your pin number
    There will never be any reason for you give out your PIN number no matter what you are told, not even the Police or your Bank have any reason to ask for your PIN number, keep it safe, try not to write it down. 

  5. Google it
    Research any unfamiliar websites or email solicitations before giving up your information. Often, hackers create a link that may appear, at first glance to be a legitimate website to trick you into giving up your personal data.

  6. Keep your antivirus software up to date
    That will help prevent hackers from accessing your computer, laptop and smartphone, as well as alert you to websites and downloads that could be suspicious.

  7. Choose a strong password
    Passwords should be 12 to 15 characters long with strategically placed special characters or symbols. You should have different passwords on each of your online accounts. Try not to write your passwords down.

  8. Use only trusted Wi-Fi resources
    Free Wi-Fi seems convenient, but hackers can also use it to intercept your internet communications. Before joining a network at say, a coffee shop or retailer, confirm that the Wi-Fi connection you want to join belongs to the business you know and trust.

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