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Every day, all around the world, thousands of IT systems are compromised. Some are attacked purely for the kudos of doing so, others for political motives, but most commonly they are attacked to steal money or commercial secrets.

Whatever business you are in, you probably now rely on the internet. You research and develop on it, bid and sell on it, communicate with your customers and rely on it for logistical support. Whilst the internet brings immeasurable benefits, it also brings new risks.

About 80% of known attacks would be defeated by embedding basic information security practices for your people, processes and technology. The 10 steps to Cyber Security is about getting the basics right and it has been shown that where companies adopt these steps it has made a tangible difference to their vulnerability to cyber-attack.

You can never be totally safe and risks will at times become a reality, however practical steps can be taken to improve the [protection of your networks and the information carried upon them.

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