Vehicle security

The majority of vehicle crime can be prevented. By taking some simple steps that will only take a few moments, you can ensure your cars, motorbikes and bicycles are kept as safe and secure as possible.

Lock Your Doors
Car thieves, like most criminals, are opportunists. They are most likely to target the easiest vehicle they find. Because of this, being sure to always lock your doors and have the windows rolled up will already help in fending off thieves.

Do Not Leave Your Car Running
Whether you are hoping to warm up your car on a cold morning or just want to pop to the shop quickly, leaving your engine running unattended is a bad idea as it creates the easiest possible scenario for a thief. 

Be Extra Careful at Night
Be aware of your surroundings, when out and about be intentional about parking in well lit areas like under a street light. As tempting as it is when you first get out of your car, avoid pulling out your phone to scroll through social media or answer a text, look around to check that no one is lingering about and that you're happy you've parked in a safe place. 

Hide Valuables
It is best to never leave anything valuable in your car at all if you can avoid it. In addition to car thieves, this also increases the odds of someone targeting your belongings which often results in a broken window for you to have to deal with on top of your stolen property. When it comes to your vehicle being stolen, if a thief has the option between an empty car and a car with a laptop, a purse, or anything else, they will probably target the latter. If you must leave valuables in your vehicle for the evening, be sure to keep them completely out of sight as to not entice potential thieves.


Motorbikes and scooters are also targets for thieves and more motorbikes and scooters are stolen than cars.  Make it difficult for them by applying some basic security techniques.

A lock for your motorbike is a must - a good disc lock or a U-lock applied correctly should always be used when you leave your motorbike unattended.

Get a combined alarm and electronic immobiliser fitted professionally and make sure you set the alarm every time you leave your motorbike.

When leaving your motorbike for prolonged periods of time, it’s a good idea to secure it to something solid. At home you can install special attachments to lock your motorbike to.

Have your motorbike marked with its vehicle identification number.

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