The immobilise scheme

Mobile phones - particularly smartphones - are among the top items targeted by thieves.

Losing your mobile phone, or having it stolen, can be both inconvenient and distressing because we tend to store a great deal of personal information on them. The States of Jersey Police have launched an initiative to help people in Jersey protect their phones and increase the number of lost or stolen telephones being returned to their owners. 

The ‘Immobilise’ scheme is already in place across the UK and Islanders can now use the service, too. Immobilise is the world's largest register of lost and stolen property - including mobile telephones. Immobilise can help to reduce crime and reunite recovered personal property with its rightful owner. 

How does Immobilise work?

To register your personal property with Immobilise, you need to visit the Immobilise website. Registration is free, and the details of your items are entered into a database. This database can then be searched by police forces across the UK to identify the rightful owners of recovered property - meaning that if your mobile gets lost or stolen, there's a greater chance you'll get it back.

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