Property security

The States of Jersey Police highly recommend that you make a note of all of your valuable property.

This would include laptops, mobile phones, pedal cycles, jewellery, and everything else that you consider to be precious to you.

It would also benefit you to security mark your valuable items, so that if recovered, they can be easily traced by the Police, and could then be returned to you if lost or stolen.

Registering Your Property

A highly effective way to register your property is to put the details online. There are several websites which can be used for this, which can be accessed by police forces who use dedicated secure email addresses to gain access to the information held on the relevant website property registers. 

This means that if your property is lost or stolen, then police can access your property register and see the property details, and on some websites, the uploaded photos of your property.

Property marking

Property marking can help to deter thieves. If your property - vehicles, personal belongs such as mobile phones and iPods, bicycles and so on - is marked with your postcode and house number, it's more likely that it can be recovered if you're the victim of a crime.

You can download the property marking pack form below which explains how to mark your property and what information you should write down about your belongings. You can print the form out and write the information on it.

 Download home and vehicle safety leaflet (size 907kb)

Burglary Packs are available free of charge at the States of Jersey Police Enquiry Desk, and contain stickers and ultra violet pens. The packs have stickers to display in the front and back windows of your home to show that you have marked your belongings. These packs also contain a property register card to note the serial numbers and details of your property.

Car keys

Many modern cars are now very difficult to steal without the keys - but this means that criminals may break in to look for your car keys.

  • don’t leave your car keys lying on a hall table, near the front door or anywhere else that a thief could see them

Credit cards and cash machines

If your credit card/s get lost or stolen, or if you suspect fraud, you should report it to your card issuer immediately. If you are a victim of card fraud, the most you will ever have to pay is £50. However, if you have acted fraudulently or without reasonable care, such as by keeping your pin written down with your card, you will be liable for all losses.

  • don’t use a cash machine if you notice anyone behaving suspiciously around it
  • if your card is retained by the machine, contact the card issuer immediately
  • if you go abroad, take only the cards you intend to use. Make a note of the card issuer’s emergency number and keep it somewhere other than your wallet

Mobile phones

If your phone is stolen, report your number to your network and the police. It will be cancelled immediately, just like a stolen credit card.

  • record the IMEI number of your phone (find this by keying *#06# into most phones, or look behind your phone battery)
  • keep your phone close to you in busy, crowded places

Immobilise property security register website
International Security Register property register website
BikeRegister property registration website

 Download International property registration database information (218 kb)
 Download Mobile phone safety information (169 kb)
 Download Satellite navigation equipment security information (96 kb)


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