Marina crime

Boats can be easy targets for opportunist thieves if they're not secured.

You should never leave expensive equipment on board an unattended boat - good security measures can be as simple as taking things away with you.

Always report anything out of the ordinary in your marina, mooring or harbour to the police, or to Jersey Harbours. To help prevent marine crime, we suggest you do the following:

Record it

  • make a complete inventory of your equipment, including outboard motors
  • include serial numbers and any identifying marks specific to your property. Serial numbers can be placed on the Police National Computer and aid recovery of stolen items
  • photograph items which are distinctive and keep the photos with your inventory

Mark it

  • mark property with your post code and name / house number in a concealed area. There are many ways to do this, from etching or marking with waterproof indelible pen to “Smartwater” (or other specialist identifying methods)

Remove it

  • the best way to keep thieves from stealing property is to not leave valuables on board – removing electronic equipment and other valuables will eliminate the majority of thefts
  • lockable storage installed by boat manufacturers is not adequate to deter thieves - add locks and security hinges to help improve the security of your boat
  • window locks on sliding windows (or placing a strip of wood where glass slides) will
    also help with security

Challenge culture security

  • ask strangers if they need help: many boat thieves are successful because they look like they belong to the area. A tactful offer to help a stranger to find a person or boat will help to deter a thief and will assist a genuine person

Lock it

  • lightweight hasps and locks are easily broken or cut, providing access to equipment stored in lockers. Outboard motor locks and quality shielded “heavy duty” locks can help. These are more expensive, but a quality lock will prevent a thief from taking your property
  • inflatable tenders are easily moved: secure your tender to a fixed point, using a quality chain or lock

Report it

  • report any thefts immediately to the police, your club, and also to your insurance company. Use your inventory to provide as much information about the stolen items as possible

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