MARAC conferences

Multi-agency support for victims of domestic abuse

Public voluntary sector bodies in Jersey have joined together to develop Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC); a new approach to helping victims of domestic abuse.

Despite the development and subsequent implementation of MARAC being led by the Force, this has very much been a partnership with the Jersey Domestic Violence forum with strategic support from the States Children’s & Adults Policy Group.

MARAC is a forum that agrees collaborative action to prevent further harm to victims of domestic abuse and their children. It aims to reduce the risk of serious harm or homicide by identifying risk factors and supporting those affected.

The work is based on national best practice and concentrates on those cases where the victim is assessed as having a high risk of suffering serious harm.

A MARAC is held monthly and attended by professionals from different agencies.

After sharing all relevant information they have about a victim, the representatives will devise a safety plan that is tailored to meet the victim’s needs, seeking to increase the victims safety, assist them to break the cycle of abuse and reduce repeat victimisation.

The individual will not have to attend the MARAC themselves, they will be represented by an IDVA (Independent Domestic Violence Advisor) who will speak on their behalf and liaise where possible between the individual and partner agencies.

The IDVA will work closely with the individual to make their needs are best met and provide support,

At the heart of a MARAC is the working assumption that no single agency or individual can see the complete picture of the life of a victim, but all have insights that are crucial to their safety.

A spokesperson for The States of Jersey Police said: "We want to encourage more people to report these crimes to allow us to take positive action against the offender.”

“The introduction of MARAC is a positive step forwards to assisting victims of such crime.”


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