Counter terrorism

Terrorism can come in many forms, from physical attacks to interference with information or communications systems which can cause serious damage to economies.

Threats can also come from people with special knowledge who have access to, or can work as, 'insiders' at an organisation.

The National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO), which contributes to the UK counter terrorism strategy, has identified 3 areas of risk:

  • crowded places
  • hazardous materials
  • transport security

On the NaCTSO website you can find protective security advice for different business sectors which fit into the 3 areas above. You can also download and read specific guides for each sector.

Crowded places

Crowded places are an attractive target for terrorists and include such places as:

  • bars, pubs and clubs
  • shopping centres
  • hotels and restaurants
  • major events
  • healthcare sites
  • education institutions

Crowded places advice on NaCTSO website

Hazardous materials

In the UK, the strict security on commercial and military explosives means that terrorists have resorted to smuggling explosives into the country, or to making their own. Most terrorist attacks in the UK have used home made explosive (HME). Hazardous materials include:

  • radioactive materials
  • pathogens and toxins
  • pre-cursors (such as fertilisers)

Hazardous materials advice on NaCTSO website

Transport security

NaCTSO aims to improve physical security and heighten awareness of the threat from terrorism to both traffic infrastructure staff and the travelling public. Transport security includes:

  • land
  • aviation
  • maritime

Transport security advice on NaCTSO website
MI5 website
Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure website



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