Self taken images - 'sexting'

Someone taking an indecent image of themselves, and sending it to their friends or boy/girlfriend via a mobile phone or some other form of technology is sometimes referred to as ‘sexting’.

Once these images have been taken and sent to others, control is lost of them and they can end up anywhere. They could be seen by friends and family, a future employer, or even, in some cases, end up in the possession of an offender.

This also puts that person who originally sent the images in a vulnerable position, as somebody they may or may not know now has these images and could use technology to bully, harass or even try to locate them.

Just think – if you wouldn’t print and pass these images around your school or show your mum or dad, they are not appropriate to share via phone or other technologies.

If you receive an indecent image or text from someone, do not send this image on to others. You will need to report it to a responsible adult.

If you know that an indecent image of you or a friend has been posted  online, you will need to contact the service provider, such as Facebook, or Youtube to have it removed. You can do this by visiting their safety centres and following their reporting links.

The Law

By sending indecent pictures of a person under 16 on to someone else you could be breaking the law.

If a teenager were to have in their possession an indecent image of another minor, they would technically be in possession of an indecent image of a child, which is an offence under Jersey law.

Who should I tell

Always tell an adult you trust. This could be your mum, dad, school teacher or someone else you can talk to.

If somebody you don't know has contacted you inappropriately or the images are being used against you, call the police on 612612, fill out a report form at ClickCEOP or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

If you are upset or worried by an image you have sent or received, you can call Police Headquarters on 612612 and ask to speak to a Public Protection Officer.


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