Exploited Video

The above video is a trailer for an 18-minute film entitled 'Exploited', in which a teenager becomes involved with a group that is sexually exploiting a 14-year-old girl. In contrast, the film also looks at a healthy relationship in terms of setting boundaries and mutual respect.
The film is aimed at secondary school pupils, as reports show that nearly three quarters of secondary education teachers say school lessons are the most important way to teach children about sexual exploitation.
The film aims to help young people learn: 
• that in good relationships both people want what is best for each other 
• that some people may seek to use you 
• that some people will make you feel special or use threats to gain control 
• how to tell when a situation is unsafe and how to set boundaries
The film has been produced for CEOP’s Thinkuknow programme as a tool for school teachers and youth group leaders.
The Thinkuknow programme is CEOP’s main educational resource and offers a wide range of information and support for children, parents, teachers and carers. Each year Thinkuknow reaches almost three-million children, and in September this year (2013) 16,541 resources were downloaded from its website. Since the programme website launched in 2006 more than 100,000 have signed up as users.
The extended 18-minute version of the film can be viewed on You Tube.

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