Road Collisions

Car Crash

I’ve had an road traffic collision what do I do?

If you are involved in an accident that results in damage or injury, you must stop and immediately report it to a police officer on 01534 612612 or 999 in an emergency. Don’t move your car until instructed by an officer. If required, you must provide your name and address and the name and address of the owner and the registration mark of the vehicle as well as details of insurance.

I need details of my collision for my insurance company, what do I do?

We always advise people to get their insurance company to contact us regarding accident.  We are often able to provide them with more information as they are authorised agents.

There is a charge to insurance companies for police reports, copies of witness statements, copies of photos & CCTV discs etc.

The only things that are provided for free are copies of their clients’ statement or their clients reply to caution/ account of the incident.

With regards to insurance information we won’t provide third party details or details about the accident to members of the public unless they are an involved party.  If an insurance company or legal representative provides us with their clients details we will provide basic information such as the status of the case and if anyone has been charged.

We will only provide insurance companies with paperwork relating to the incident once the case is complete e.g. any criminal charges have been dealt with.  This can take some time depending on the nature of the case.

If you request a copy of your own statement or require any other disclosure then we will always ask for the request in writing and photographic id to verify identity and to ensure there is an audit trail.

Please email if you need to re request third party details.  Please be advised it is preferable to request this through your insurance company/legal representation.




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