Parents guide to drugs

Parental concerns often reflect a sense of helplessness along with a genuine uncertainty about both what is actually going to happen and the right course of action to adopt.

This guide up-dated in 2014 by the Public Health Department, working in partnership with agencies Island-wide, will help you understand young people’s drug use. It is based on the latest research and contains practical advice about what you can actually do as a parent, whether your children are using drugs or not.

As a parent or guardian you have an important role to play in helping young people make informed decisions about drugs and reducing any potential harm that may arise through drug use, be it illegal or legal.

The website is a helpful tool for both parents and young people.

The 'parent's guide to drugs’ booklet can be found on the States of Jersey website or downloaded below.

Another useful tool for parents is the Angelus website. It is a site dedicated to increasing knowledge and information skills of parents and other family members about the dangers and risks of new psychoactive substances and club drugs.

Angelus is a drugs charity founded in 2009 by Maryon Stewart following the death of her daughter, Hester, from GBL. These drugs can cause terrible harm and are often nothing to do with addiction, just accidents which could be prevented with a bit more knowledge from everyone.

Angelus Foundation website





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