Information Assurance Statement

Policing is an information-led activity, and information assurance is fundamental to how the States of Jersey Police manage many of the challenges faced in policing today.

It is vital for maintaining public confidence and for the efficient, effective, safe and secure conduct of operations and services.

Without robust information assurance governance and processes, there is a significant risk of compromise, potentially leading to the facilitation of crime, public safety issues, hindrance to investigations, financial loss, damage to organisational reputation and consequently, a reduction in confidence from the public and partners.

Information assurance provides the mechanism by which the States of Jersey Police identifies risk and satisfies itself, the public and partners that security arrangements are fit for purpose and that identified risks are managed effectively, collectively and proportionately. It underpins all areas of policing in support of the strategic policing requirement and other statutory responsibilities.

The States of Jersey Police is dedicated to maintaining the confidentiality, availability and integrity of all the information it controls. 


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