Personal information Access

Subject to certain exemptions, you have a right to be told whether any information is held about you on police systems, and you also have a right to a copy of that information.

Depending on your requirements, and depending on whether you are an individual or a registered organisation, there are a number of different routes you can take to access a Criminal Record history.

Basic Police Disclosure You may be asked to apply for a Basic Police Disclosure Certificate by any employer/prospective employer. You can do this on the Disclosure Scotland website at:

Subject Access Request An individual can apply to find out what information, if any, is held about them on both the local computer systems and the Police National Computer System. You can fill out this application form and you should return your completed application to the address on the form.

Disclosure and Barring Service This is a service for registered organisations NOT individuals.
The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) in the UK facilitates the production of criminal record certificates to empower local employers to make informed and safer recruitment decisions, particularly for occupations involving contact with children and vulnerable groups. Further information on the Disclosure and Barring Service can be accessed at

Police Certificates This certificate is for people who want to emigrate; need a visa to live and/or work abroad; or are looking to obtain citizenship or residency in another country. 

International Child Protection Certificates (ICPC) If you are a UK national or have previously lived in the UK and want to work or volunteer with children overseas, you might require an ICPC.

Record Deletion You have the right to apply for early deletion of records about you which are held on the National DNA Database (NDNAD), National Fingerprint Database (IDENT1) and/or the PNC, depending on certain criteria.

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