Victim and Witness Support

Victim and Witness Support is a free service for victims and witnesses of crime. 

Going to court as a witness or as the victim of crime can be a worrying experience, particularly if you don't know what to expect.

Jersey Victim Support is an independent charity which can offer help and advice.

They can provide information and emotional support at any time, regardless of when the crime happened.

If you've been asked to be a witness in a court trial or hearing, you can talk to a trained volunteer from the Witness Service before you go to court. Witness Service volunteers cannot discuss evidence with you, or give you legal advice, but they can:

  • show you around either of the 2 main courthouses before you go to court
  • explain the court procedure
  • explain who the main people are in a trial 
  • give you personal support before, during, and after the hearing
  • go with you into the courtroom

You can contact the Jersey Victim & Witness Service on +44 (0) 1534 440496.

States of Jersey Police together with partner agencies, Victim support and the Witness Service have also set up the Witness Care Unit.

The unit, staffed by Police and volunteers, helps people through the court process.

You can also get support from Dewberry House



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