Our Criminal Justice Unit works closely with Jersey's courts. 


The Royal is Jersey's main court and hears both civil and criminal cases. There are two full-time judges the Bailiff, the Chief Justice and the Deputy Bailiff. 

Part-time judges, called ‘Commissioners’, are also appointed when needed for specific cases or for specific periods.

The island also has a Magistrate's Court and a Youth Court. The Magistrate’s Court is a key component of the criminal justice system with approximately 95% of criminal cases being processed there. 

Cases in the Magistrate’s Court are heard by a professional, legally qualified Magistrate, Assistant Magistrate or Relief Magistrate.

You can read the Magistrate's Court Guidlines on Motoring Offences & Public Order offences here.

Finally, there is the Parish Hall Enquiry, unique to Jersey's Justice System, aimed at dealing with minor crime, motoring and public order offences. The Parish Hall Enquiry in Jersey dates back some 800 years and is in regular, everyday use as an alternative to formal court processing.

Jersey Courts website



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In this section are details on how to obtain criminal record checks, firearms certificates as well as other information.


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