Code of Ethics

Doing the right thing in the right way

Every person working for the police service must work honestly and ethically. The public expect the police to do the right thing in the right way.
Basing decisions and actions on a set of policing principles will help to achieve this.

The principles set out in the College of Policing's Code of Ethics originate from the ‘Principles of Public Life’ published by the Committee on Standards in Public Life in 1995, as these continue to reflect public expectations. The Code includes the
principles of ‘fairness’ and ‘respect’ as research has shown these to be crucial to maintaining and enhancing public confidence in policing.

The policing principles reflect the personal beliefs and aspirations that in turn serve to guide behaviour and shape the policing culture.
The combination of principles and standards of behaviour encourages consistency between what people believe in and aspire to, and what
they do.

Policing Principles

You are answerable for your decisions, actions and omissions

You treat people fairly

You are truthful and trustworthy

You always do the right thing

You lead by good example

You may choices on evidence and your best professional judgement

You are open and transparent in your actions and decisions

You treat everyone with respect

You act in the public interest

Professional Standards

These standards reflect the expectations that the professional body and the public have of the behaviour of those working in policing. They originate from the Police (Conduct) Regulations 2012. 

Honesty and Integrity
You will not compromise or abuse your position

Authority, Respect and Courtesy
You will act with self-control and tolerance, using authority lawfully and proportionately, and treating all people with respect

Equality and Diversity
You will act with fairness and impartiality and not discriminate unlawfully or unfairly

Use of Force
You will only use force that is necessary, proportionate, and lawful in the circumstances

Orders and Instructions
You will only give or carry out lawful orders and comply with legislation

Duties and Responsibilities
You will be diligent in your duty

You will treat information with respect and make only lawful disclosure

Fitness for Work
You will be fit and ready for your duties

You will not behave in a way which brings the service into disrepute, on or off duty

Challenging Inappropriate Behaviour
You will challenge the conduct of colleagues which falls below these standards


Report bad driving / riding

Domestic Abuse

Hate crime reporting

Caught on Camera

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