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The role of the JFCU Presentation

The JFCU offer a one hour presentation on the function of the unit and involves guidance on SARs. This presentation is free of charge. Please book via or 612250.

SAR Guidelines

The JFCU have released new Guidelines to completing a SAR. This document is for all the finance industry to use alongside JFSC guidance and internal guidelines. If you would like a member of the JFCU to visit your organisation and discuss the guidelines please made contact with us.

Following the recent Moneyval review and a local review of SARs it has emerged that many are being submitted without important information such as Nationality, Maiden name etc.

In order to maintain high standards of intelligence it may be necessary to reject a SAR that is incomplete. 


The JFCU Analysts are in the process of collating a statistical update for later in 2019.


For general information on scams please see our Be Safe section for information and advice. 

The States of Jersey Police work with ActionFraud, which is the UK's national fraud and internet crime reporting centre. ActionFraud provide a central point of contact for information about fraud and financially motivated internet crime.

Financial Analysis – case examples

The Egmont Training Working Group has published its’ first book of Egmont Financial Analysis Cases. 
22 cases include examples of bribery, corruption, drug trafficking, fraud, human trafficking, organised crime, and terrorist financing.

The eBook is available on the Egmont public website at: 

You can download a summary of local sanitised cases relating to SARs that have been received by the JFCU below.

Examples of local cases

On the Egmont Group website you'll find further case examples:

Case examples on Egmont Group website


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Hate crime reporting

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