Witness Care Voluntary Recruitment

If you would like a rewarding voluntary position that allows you to help people facing difficult circumstances then this could be just for you.

The Witness Care Unit provides a high quality service to both victims and witnesses in accordance with the ‘Witness Charter’ launched in 2012 to improve the experience of prosecution victims and witnesses. The States of Jersey Police relies on the work carried out by volunteers in order to provide this vital service. Volunteering builds important links between the police and our community and provides opportunities for individuals to make a positive contribution to the wellbeing of some of our most vulnerable people.

Victims and witnesses are vital to the success of court cases ensuring that justice is achieved not only for victims themselves but for the community as a whole. The police, through the services of volunteers, are committed to offering as much support as possible during what can be a very challenging time. Victim and witness care volunteers will carry out a ‘needs assessment’ for victims and witnesses and tailor the support according to need. Some will require very little support but others may require assistance in a number of areas in order to attend court including, transport, special measures, language support and medical considerations. Witness care volunteers can put victims and witnesses in touch with other agencies and organisations who can provide further help and support.

The aim of the Witness Care Unit is to minimise the stress of attending court by keeping victims and witnesses informed, prepared and supported during the criminal justice process.

At the moment Witness Care is not actively looking to recruit.

After a very successful recruitment campaign over the last few months we have managed to grow our team of volunteers to the required size to ensure we provide a high level of support.

If you would still like to show an expression of interest however, and be considered as a volunteer for the future, please email the Witness Care Unit:



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