Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice Department (CJD) provides a range of diverse functions in support of operational policing and the criminal justice system.

Wherever possible, CJD staff are trained to work across these different roles in order to reduce resource requirements and increase efficiency.

CJD takes responsibility for key areas such as the Witness Care Unit and the Response Investigation Unit as well as a number of other teams listed below.

Other areas of business

Case Direction and Charge File Review

Provides a case direction service primarily to the Reactive Investigation Unit, but can offer case direction to any internal department, ensuring that investigations reach the required standard to support any appropriate charges being considered. Post charge tracking of cases through the early stages of the Criminal Justice System to ensure the appropriate level of investigation is applied considering the finite resources available.

Provides advice to the Islands Honorary Police as required. Liaises with outside agencies including DVSD, States Analyst, Other enforcement agencies and the Force Medical Examiners.

The File Preparation Team builds case files for prosecution at the Royal Court and works closely with Crown Advocates to ensure successful outcomes.

The PNC Bureau supports the parishes and courts with the provision of essential information for the sentencing / sanctioning of accused people.

Crime Management records and classifies crime information in accordance with the Home Office Counting Rules and national crime recording standards. Staff are responsible for recording data which assists in identifying crime trends and allows for effective use of operational resources. 

The Central Firearms Index provides the parishes with information on all firearms applications to comply with the terms of the Firearms (Jersey) 2000 Law and is responsible for issuing all temporary firearms visitor permits for people visiting the Island. Staff undertake background research to ascertain whether the applications and applicants comply with legal requirements in terms of age, previous convictions, ill health or intemperate habits. 

The Property Office provides the public with a lost and found property service and are responsible for managing evidence seized from the commission of a crime.

The Language Support Service provides detained people, witnesses and victims with an interpretation and translation service.

The Administrative Support Team provides interview tape transcription and transcribes hand-written documents for inclusion in prosecution files.

The Courts Unit provide court security and prisoner transport services.

CICB Claims – Officers from the department provide disclosure to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board for individuals who are seeking to claim compensation if they have sustained a personal injury as a result of a violent crime. 

Tape Library – All taped evidence is collected, logged, stored and retrieved and copies provided to the officers for enquires. A member of staff will arrange the viewing and disclosure of evidential material.

Insurance Companies – CJD deal with correspondence and phones calls from insurance companies requesting information following Road Traffic Collisions, as well as scrutinising and evaluating documents relating to prosecutions going to Magistrate’s and Royal Court, in order to ensure all appropriate information is available for disclosure to the prosecutors, defence advocates and courts.


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Domestic Abuse

Hate crime reporting

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