Force Intelligence Bureau

The Intelligence service area is managed by a Chief Inspector and is made up of 3 separate units.

Force Intelligence Bureau

The main job of the Joint Intelligence Bureau is to collate intelligence and use it in the most productive way to reduce crime and disorder. Intelligence can come from many sources, including police officers, members of the public and Crimestoppers. It can also come from other police forces and partner agencies. Intelligence is checked, graded and then disseminated to operational policing units so that they can take effective action. This can be through surveillance, targeted patrols or obtaining search warrants against offenders and their premises.

Special Branch

Special Branch plays a key role in protecting the public from national security threats, especially terrorism and other extremist activity. 

Special Branch officers provide a presence at Jersey’s air and sea ports in keeping with their national security counter-terrorist role. Their border security work, alongside Customs and Immigration, also contributes to the fight against serious crime and travelling criminals. 

Our Counter Terrorism Security Adviser also provides protective and counter-terrorism security advice to support industry and other businesses in the Island.


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