Drug Squad

The Drug Squad is a pro-active unit that targets the criminals who cause the most harm in our society.

In particular, they focus on organised crime groups who conspire to arrange the supply and distribution of illegal drugs in Jersey.

They also play a key role in tackling the hard core of prolific offenders whose activities, notably in areas such as burglary and vehicle crime, can otherwise have a significant impact on community safety.

The States of Jersey Police are working closely with key partners and other jurisdictions to reduce the levels of illegal drugs in the island and disrupt and prevent criminal activity. 

Illegal drugs can often be linked to organised crime within our community. They are known to put a strain on the health service, the economy and can tear apart families. The states of Jersey Police are committed to protecting Jersey from these threats and continue to target those involved in drug related crime in order to reduce the risks that illegal drugs pose to the community. 

Organised crime can cover different serious crime types, some of which include; 

In January 2021, the States of Jersey Police re-introduced a Drug Squad, a dedicated team to focus on drug related investigations that impact the community. The team will continue to work closely with Jersey Customs and Immigration Service (JCIS) and the new Community Policing Team to disrupt organised crime groups targeting the island. 

There are four main objectives: 

PURSUE   Prosecuting and disrupting people engaged in serious and organised criminality 
PREVENT   Preventing people from engaging in serious and organised crime  
PROTECT   Increasing protection against serious and organised crime 
PREPARE   Reducing the impact of this criminality where it takes place 
How YOU can help 

Police cannot be everywhere; they need your support. Nobody knows their streets or towns better than the people who live and work there. If you see something happening that is out of place or suspicious, contact us and let us know about it. You can help us by reporting crimes, providing intelligence to assist us in bringing offenders to justice or giving information to help safeguard the vulnerable, no matter how small or irrelevant you think your contribution may be, it could the final piece of a much bigger puzzle.  

Things to look out for in your neighbourhood 

  • Lots of different people coming and going from an address 

  • People coming and going at odd times of the day and night 

  • Strange smells coming from the property 

  • Windows covered or curtains closed all the time 

  • Cars pulling up to or near the house for a short period of time͘ 

Report your concerns to police on 01534 612612 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 

You can also report most issues online on our website:  


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