Corporate Services

Corporate Services consists of several different departments designed to support, facilitate and improve front-line policing.

They are essential to the efficiency and effectiveness of the force.

Corporate Development

The Corporate Development Department provides a range of services:

  • providing strategic and business planning services
  • measuring / analysing performance to monitor community safety trends and inform operational policing
  • coordinating inspection, risk management and organisational change projects
  • managing public and stakeholder consultation and quality of service surveys
  • promoting and explaining the functions, services and views of the States of Jersey Police to the general public and other stakeholders
  • managing internal communications

Information Services

The Information Services Department provides, maintains, develops and secures a full range of information and communication technology solutions for the States of Jersey Police.

This includes managing the force's IT infrastructure, systems development and maintenance, looking after telephone and radio communications, CCTV (in St Helier town centre) and interview / voice recordings.

Training and Development

This unit plans, delivers and facilitates police training programmes from probationer training through to specialist courses for detectives.


The Facilities Department provides a range of services:

  • managing, maintaining, securing and cleaning police buildings and vehicles
  • managing the procurement, storage and issue of equipment, clothing and stationery
  • managing compliance with health and safety requirements.

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