Week 5 – A bit of drama!

March 9th 2013 | Daisy Hollingworth

This week saw our return to the police station to concentrate on the legislation side of our training. Despite re-adjusting to the setting of the station again, it was good to get back and spend more time with permanent training staff, as I’m sure they were glad to have us back!
Monday was very much classroom based, although this was by no means enjoyable, as the staff do their utmost to ensure the lessons are as vibrant as possible. However, the subject we began with, being evidence, was in itself really interesting and before we knew it the lesson had sped by.
Once we had covered evidence we had to split into separate groups to revisit the caution and learn the powers of arrest, as they vary slightly between the two islands. These two subjects are one of the more vital areas for us to cover particularly for our morning exercises on the Wednesday, which I will come onto shortly.
Tuesday was our scheduled inspection and, although I believe we all turned out well, there were some issues that needed to be addressed, and therefore we had a repeat inspection on the Wednesday morning which was much better.
The rest of Tuesday morning consisted of drill with Staff Hayden. I always enjoy drill despite my lack of natural skill for it despite it essentially just being walking, as Staff Hayden says we have been doing it for enough years.
At one point I’m sure Aimee was at breaking point with the continuous times I stepped on the back of her heels. Aimee, I really am sorry!
Having said this I did improve towards the end so the heel stepping was kept to a minimum and personally I was pleased with the progress our squad made. Many instances towards the end you could hear that we were all in step as our feet thudded the ground simultaneously whilst we marched and right wheeled, round and round the building. It was hard to stop a grin creeping over my face at our teamwork under the spring sun that we were able to enjoy as we worked. I have to say in aspiring to top quality bulled shoes, it would seem you could get no higher than the shoes of Staff Hayden! They are shiny to the point of fascination for many of our squad.
The day continued with a lesson on writing statements, to some this may appear a tedious lesson but not at Jersey Police HQ, midway through the lesson one of the HR staff burst into the room and began shouting at Staff Cross!
Amongst profuse swearing and whilst the incident was moved to outside the classroom door, we came to hear the HR member state she’d seen text messages, how dare he?!, and that that was was her mum, her mum!
Of course, at first we are sat in our seats completely flabbergasted, thinking ‘Oh my God! Is this real?!’ Before eventually it clicked that this would be the incident we would be practising writing statements on, and that is was all an act - almost disappointingly as some said.
I myself realised this reasonably quickly as, at the beginning of the lesson, I had been moved from my seat by the door ‘in case someone burst into the room unexpectedly’. Having said that it certainly spiced up the lesson and the momentary confusion was all good fun.
To finish the day off we went up to Fort Regent to complete a fitness test. Happily we all passed by a good margin in all areas, despite nearly greeting our lunch again in some cases, and it was a great feeling once we had completed it. Always makes you feel good after a bit of exercise, doesn’t it? Well after you stop gasping for breath and can prise yourself from the floor.
Wednesday! As previously mentioned we had a repeat drill which went very well. Then it was onwards to the badminton hall next to D’Auvergne School for role plays to practise our powers of arrest.
Originally I was very nervous to do these role plays but we soon all got into the swing of it and it was actually really enjoyable and a great way to spend the morning. It is also a great feeling to wear the full uniform including belt and hat, it’s a fulfilling reminder that ‘This is a part of me now’.
We dealt with a car thief, an armed mugger, a drunk male in a public place, as well as others including a woman very agitated at a male who had just urinated on her door. Each role play was an entire story in itself and A* for the acting, thank you!
There were many positives but being our first time we also made many mistakes, some as large as forgetting to actually arrest the role player, or letting them go as soon as they apologised! Afterwards you shake your head in amazement, but in all seriousness it was a great learning curve and I doubt we will make the same mistake again! Saying that we do indeed have further role plays surrounding powers of entry on Friday, before our exam, so fingers crossed they go well.
The rest of the day was back at the station learning about legislation of theft, and robbery. These subjects were fairly easy to grasp so it turned out to be a reasonably relaxed end to the day as we took all the information in. So this is where I shall leave you, if you are curious as to what we will be doing for the last two days of the week…well that’s top secret…
Enjoy the rest of your week everyone! 


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