Week 4 – Emergency first aid training

March 2nd 2013 | Anna Royle

We ended week three with the completion of our officer safety training. Last Friday was filled with practical and written assessments which I am pleased to say we all passed - the day had arrived with some trepidation as this was the first ‘formal’ assessment of the 15 week course. We learnt a  variety of practical and tactical skills which I am sure will be undoubtedly useful when we become warranted police officers working on shift.
Monday started a new week and a new challenge for us as we began a three day emergency at work first aid training course. We remained up at the TA centre for this, and were working under the guidance of Sergeant Hockey and PC Winterton who are both based in Guernsey, and Staff Carre who is based in Jersey.
We had lots to learn in a short space of time, so after a short theory session Monday morning we went straight into practical CPR training in the afternoon. Tuesday concentrated on the use of defibrillators, treatments for cuts, burns, fainting, stab wounds, as well as patients with suspected back injuries, diabetics, and finally potential heart attack and angina suffers. Tuesday afternoon we participated in practical situations where we had to deal with a casualty without any prior information.
A big thank you to Staff Carre who did a sterling job being our ‘patient’ for the duration of the course and we were all pleasantly surprised by his level of acting skills, definitely a future potential Oscar winner here in the SoJP!
On Wednesday we were assessed practically on a variety of skills we had learnt on Monday and Tuesday, it wrapped up what was a enjoyable and hands on few days where we learnt skills which could potentially save a life at some point in the future.
We are currently completing a two day training course on Equality and Diversity, which has been good so far. We will all be making the most of our last day out the classroom tomorrow before next week which is going to be the toughest yet ...


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