Week 3 – Safety training

February 23rd 2013 | Igor Freitas

This week we have been up at the TA centre to do our officer safety training led by our three Guernsey Trainers Andy Williams, Julie Duquemin, Andy Smith, along with newly appointed Staff Carre who was helping and observing.
On Monday we arrived at the TA centre and we went straight into the classroom, where we introduced ourselves to the new trainers.  The day started by learning the National Decision making model and the steps of how we would assess a person as we approach them.
We then put what we had learnt in the classroom into practice with some drills.  These were to understand how your stance can affect you, for example using your back foot as an anchor and the front as a balance.
On Tuesday we began the morning with a warm up and stretch and then went on to do Immobilisation technique’s and take downs.  This consists of the goose neck, thumb bar and rear arm entanglement holds.
From there the staff taught us how to do a take down safely.  This consisted of taking hold of their shoulder by the clothing, and then dropping our body weight and turning the body so that they are flat on the floor.
Later we went to on to learn about searching skills and how to appropriately search someone i.e. in quadrants, the topside from both sides and then the bottom half.
During the practice I unfortunately was not as good as I maybe should have been as I missed checking some things, but after a few goes I became more confident and was checking all the necessary areas.
On Wednesday 2 we learnt how to apply handcuffs appropriately and safely.  We practiced this for quite a long time. It is a difficult technique to learn and I personally had trouble applying cuffs to people on the floor.
After lunch we had the chance to experience what CS spray feels like. From what I saw of the others that got exposed, they seemed to feel quite a lot of discomfort and their eyes began to run and burn.
On Thursday we ran over everything we had learnt so far, primarily restraining someone using limb restraints followed by work on how to relocate someone in a cell.
We then went through role play scenarios where we all dealt with someone displaying different levels of violence.
I really enjoyed this week and I hope we do many more role plays because they made me experience how some people may react and behave towards me and other colleagues and were really good practice for the reality of the job.


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